Where to Buy The Exact Outfits Celebrities Wear to the Airport

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Any experienced jet-setter knows that piecing together a successful outfit lies its ability to deliver comfort and sartorial envy—even after 12 hours of travel hell (delays, last-minute gate changes, lost baggage, too-long layovers, and so on). This ensemble should be able to take you from point A to point B all the while making you look exceptionally refreshed, and not frazzled in the least. Impossible, you say? Too tall an order? 

Before you reach for your nearest sweats, we present to you nine celebrity-approved outfits to help you achieve all of the above. As people who spend about a third of their lives traveling to exotic film locations, global movie premieres, and other very important events, the stars pretty much have got their airport style on lock. Scroll through to shop their exact outfits and be prepared to field compliments from TSA agents, flight attendants, and maybe even your seatmate.

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