The Top 20 Trends, Ideas, and Styling Tricks We Loved from Milan Fashion Week

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Maybe it’s Alessandro Michele’s doing, maybe it’s Milan. But whatever it is, maximalism is in the water, and we’re drinking it up.

As the Mad Maximalist city, its designer inhabitants took on a more-is-more mentality for their spring 2017 lines, packing on retro prints, serving up a buffet of fun motifs (that ran from pasta to lemurs), and nearly O.D.-ing on textures at every opportunity (rhinestones blanketed jeans at Dsquared2, while feathery boas trimmed the edges of skirts, tops, and shoes at Prada).

And if you’re thinking that this reads like a case of sensory fatigue waiting to happen, just hold that thought until you scroll through the gloriousness that is our Milan Fashion Week roundup, because it will have the opposite effect: It will give you life. From cool convertible Gucci shoes to parachute dresses, keep reading to the see the 20 best things to come out of Milan.

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