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The Best Under-$100 Fashion Pieces That You’ll Never Get Sick of

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You know all the stuff that never goes out of style? They’re the basics that, admittedly, err on the boring side of fashion, but make up the core of your wardrobe. You know what we’re talking about: it’s the crisp button-down, the little black dress, the pair of tailored trousers—the hardest working pieces in your closet that that have seen you through all your job interviews, every big important meeting, and those times when you wake up hating everything you own. (Here’s the full list of the pieces that never go out of fashion).

Based on wear count alone, these pieces are worth investing in. Good news: An investment pieces doesn’t have to be an “investment.” In fact, you can find quality staples that cost less than, say, the same total as a down payment on a car or house. Even better news: We found said pieces, and each rings in under $100. Scroll through to shop these nine pieces that you’ll wear forever.

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