The 39 Shoes of Spring 2017 Fashion Month That We Can’t Stop Thinking About

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When the clothes are the main attraction, it’s hard to give shoes the attention they deserve—something that’s made especially difficult by the speed in which models zoom by on the runway. You barely have time to register what you’re seeing, when poof, just like that, they’re gone. It’s really only after Fashion Month wraps that we have the time to scrupulously study every single shoe, drink in all the glorious details (the YSL stiletto! the amazingness that is the convertible Gucci platform!) that we might have missed, and obsess-slash-draft our next season’s shopping list at—and this is the most important part—a nice, unhurried, leisurely pace. We did our shoe diligence and rounded up the best of the best from all four fashion capitals: New York, London, Milan, and Paris. Click through to see our favorites from the spring 2017 collections.

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