How to Master Wearing Tights with Sandals Like Sarah Jessica Parker

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Actress, mom, designer, Myfashionfinance‘s January cover girl—Sarah Jessica Parker is many things, but above else, she’s a style icon, adulated for her fashion-experimenting, rule-breaking ways. One such rule: Wearing tights with sandals.

It’s one of those pairings that runs in the inner fashion circle every now and then (one that we also push once the seasons change and the temps drop—an excuse to wear your sandals for a longer time!), but that has never really stuck. And we get why: it feels taboo (and awkward), it goes against all fashion logic, and it makes a rather bold statement (which can be hard to stomach if you’re a minimalist).

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But for SJP, it has become her sartorial identifier—happily consistent, yet wonderfully unique. And with her as the ultimate champion for tights and sandals, maybe we can all learn to embrace the combo once and for all. Scroll through for SJP-approved combos, ranked in order of easiest to hardest to pull off.

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