Chris Pratt Wishes His “Beautiful Lady” Anna Faris a Happy Birthday

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Chris Pratt may be traveling around the world to promote his latest film Passengers, but obviously, he still has time to give his wife, Anna Faris, an adorable shout-out on Twitter in honor of her 40th birthday.

“Please join me in wishing Happy Birthday to my darling @AnnaKFaris,” he Tweeted on Tuesday morning. “I’m sending you love from afar, beautiful lady.” Too cute! The pair have been married for more than seven years now, and have an adorable 4-year-old son, Jack.

It’s no secret that Pratt and Faris are basically the cutest couple alive, and we’re sure he’s missing his leading lady very much while out on the media circuit. Now that he’s out of town, the duo can’t partake in any of their usual activities, like Pratt braiding Faris’s hair, attempting the 22 push-up challenge together, taking Jack out on fishing trips, impromptu wrestling matches, attempting, and subsequently failing to fly a kite, and hilariously documenting their lives and goofy antics on Instagram as good comedians do.

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Pratt is currently in Paris where he and Jennifer Lawrence made a stylish appearance on a red carpet photo call for Passengers on Tuesday. Hopefully, Pratt will be back with his wife again soon; we need more of those hilarious Instagram videos in our lives. Until then, happy birthday to Faris, hope it’s a great one!

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