9 Times Birthday Girl Jenna Dewan Made Us Wish We Had Our Own Channing Tatum

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Happy birthday, Jenna Dewan Tatum! The dancer and actress extraordinaire turns 36 years old today, and we’ve finally accepted the fact that she took our dream man, Channing Tatum, off the market—because we love her as much as we do him.

Jenna met her future husband on the set of Step Up over ten years ago, and danced her way into his heart. The lovebirds tied the knot in 2009 and welcomed their first child, daughter Everly, in 2013.

Channing is an obvious heartthrob with those six-pack abs and killer Magic Mike moves, but somehow he gets even hotter with his woman by his side. I mean, did you see that Lip Sync Battle?

VIDEO: Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan’s Cutest Couple Moments


So instead of pining over Channing himself, we’ve accepted that his heart is taken—and we’re writing our application to get adopted into the Tatum family. Seriously, little Everly doesn’t know how good she has it.

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Keep scrolling for 9 times that Jenna made us wish we had a Channing Tatum of our own.  

When Channing proved to be an excellent dancing partner:

And changed out of his janitor uniform:

And they fell in love IRL with this kiss:

Flash forward ten years, Channing only has eyes for Jenna:

And it’s obvious why:

He’s totally go with the flow:

And down to let Jenna take the reigns:

Really, it’s no wonder they were so good at Lip Sync Battle:

Because they make the perfect team:

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